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BrainSense is a natural cognitive booster that opens a strange new world full of mystery and wonder, where you're in control and think, see and do things that bring the results you want.

Before we get to that, however, let's see where you stand right now.

We'll start with a test of your working memory because it's a good litmus test for your cognitive skills and ability to think. Neuroscientists generally agree that it's better than testing IQ.

Get that promotion. Ace those exams. It's our job to unlock your brain's truly awesome potential and tune up that thing you've got upstairs so you can:

Take a Quick Test

1. Memorize the list of numbers.

2. Click "Start Test".

Finish Test

1. Enter the numbers in reverse order into the list.

2. Click "View Results" to finish the test.

How did you do?

If you can recall two of the numbers, you've the working memory of a 5 year-old. At four numbers, you can think like you're 10. Six numbers means you think like a 30 year-old adult.

You're a genius if you got eight or more.

The point of that exercise is not to deflate your ego if you didn't come out well. It's that true intelligence is not what you think.

This isn't Limitless – we're not going to give you a four digit IQ. We'd rather increase your working memory because it sharpens your mind and should get you better results at work or school.

Put another way, it makes you smarter.

“Working memory is our ability to consciously work with information. By conscious, we mean you are thinking about the information, concentrating on it, shining a mental spotlight on it, and ignoring everything else. By work, we mean that you are manipulating the information, making calculations with it, or reformulating it.”

Alloway, Ross (PhD) and Tracy (PhD). 2013, October 28. The End of IQ (and the Dawn of Working Memory). Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-alloway-phd-and-ross-alloway-phd/iq-tests_b_4168628.html

“What makes working memory so important is the mounting evidence that an optimally functioning working memory is the most important component of enhanced intelligence.”

Restak, Richard (MD). The Playful Brain: The Surprising Science of How Puzzles Improve Your Mind. New York: Riverhead Books, 2010.

Vitamin B12
Linked to Better Memory,
Thinking and Reason
Panax Ginseng
Significant Improvement of
Working Memory
May Give the Brain
More Energy
Blueberry Extract
Comes with Neuro-
Cognitive Benefits
Phosphatidyl Serine
Evidence Links to
Better Memory
Think Better — BrainSense is designed to help you analyze and process information, so you think clearly, independently, and with excellent comprehension.
Multi-Task — Like greater RAM on your computer, BrainSense should help you juggle different tasks and is ideal for students and busy professionals!
Concentrate — At the same time, BrainSense helps you tune out distractions and focus only on what you're doing – so you get more done.
Perform Under Pressure — The BrainSense formula is linked to less stress and better cognitive function when fatigued.

BrainSense is formulated to increase your working memory, and the cognitive (and financial!) rewards that come with it.

It's not a drug. Rather, it's a synergistic formula that focuses the brain with natural nootropics and cognitive boosters including:

BrainSense helps you think. It's the same ability that helps you quickly recall someone's name and helps you focus, learn more and work through problems.

Got a second (or third?) language you'd like to learn? Maybe it's a new skill, like juggling, or something that just makes you stand out and look, well, like a person of higher value.

You get that with BrainSense, because it's designed to increase working memory, attention, energy and cognitive skills.

BrainSense helps you stand out and be more capable than your competition, and even within your social circle, so you're the person who's sharp as a razor.

Buy BrainSense to improve performance (and be rewarded for it!). And enjoy it when you leave the office – and the admiration that comes with it!

Have you pulled out your credit card yet? If not, consider this:

You WILL love BrainSense. If you don't, you've got 60 days to return it for a refund minus shipping and handling if you're not satisfied.

Try doing THAT with a supplement from your local health store.

BrainSense stands out because it's designed to naturally increase your working memory, so you get better cognitive function and the rewards that go with it.

It will make you SMARTER and MORE PRODUCTIVE – and we'll give you your money back if it does not!

Click Here to read our Full Guarantee

We've opened the door. Now you have to walk through it.

Choose between a life of mediocrity, in the 'also-ran' category, or blaze your own trail and reap the career, financial and social benefits that come with being more intelligent.

BrainSense may even have a protective effect against age-related brain shrinkage!

Get off the sidelines and step up. Folks who use BrainSense are smarter and get more done than many of their peers. So join them here and place your order of BrainSense NOW.

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